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Vehicle transport

Our company philosophy is the safe, caring transportation of your vehicle.

     •     New or Used Vehicle Transportation

         We are able to collect your vehicle wherever it is located and carefully transport it to where you need it.

     •     Imported Vehicle Transportation
We would be pleased to collect your imported vehicle from any Ontario, Canada port of entry.

     •     Vintage, Veteran and High Value Transportation
We have significant experience in transporting vintage, veteran and other high value vehicles.  We take infinite care to protect these vehicles from the rigors of transportation, being only too aware of the often irreplaceable nature of their fittings.  We also mount a security system at our storage depot.

     •     Headed for the Scrap Yard?
Sometimes it is vehicle repair that you need. Sometimes, if the problem is a little worse you might need to be taken to a repair shop. There are also times when you have a vehicle that you no longer have a need for. Ken Weber’s Towing can either help you by bringing that vehicle somewhere where you need it to be or by taking that vehicle off your hands. Whatever the solution you’re looking for, we will help you find it. If you want to lose the problem, we can help with that too.


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