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is your vehicle stuck ?

Getting stuck is no Time to be Unprepared

It happens to almost everybody at some point; you’re on your way somewhere and when you least expect it something happens to derail your plans. It can be engine trouble, tire trouble or problem with electrical system. Whenever it is, Ken Weber's Towing knows that you have no time for a company that doesn’t come prepared to help you. We respect your time and not only will we get on the scene quickly, the we will move to make things better for you as quickly as possible while taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your car.

The Best Equipment in Town

No matter what the job you want done, it is comforting to see the company arrive with modern equipment in working order ready to help you. Whether it is our tow truck or flat bed, we are always ready to help your vehicle problem. We’ll send you the right solution for your problem. Your vehicle already has a problem. We guarantee that we will send equipment that will solve your problem.